How to 3x Your Sales with the same marketing Budget

It's simple, work on each lead with full focus and keep a thorough track of it. 

“With Sell3x, you will be able to Manage, Track and Score your Leads to the deepest roots. Automate your email marketing funnels on actions/behaviours/triggers and a lot more.

The Key to selling and further up-selling is to regularly update and engage with your audience...

The more you engage with your audience the more they trust you for being professional and active in customer service. This is a significant psychological bridge a brand and a customer

Our Marketing Automation System Sell3x does the same for you. It creates a strong bond between your brand and your audience and thus increasing your sales 3 times that you were actually doing till now.

Sell3x helps you manage your leads from platforms Facebook, Linkedin & Google Adwords and put them in your desired email marketing funnel which will engage with your leads automatically and strengthen your inbound marketing. 

You and your team can individually followup each lead and provide them a score, add notes, assign a stage, assign a campaign, add a tag, put them in a followup campaign and much more. Opportunities are endless. 

Automate your email campaigns to send a weekly newsletter, or a reminder email, or new product launch update, add your audience to a sequence of emails depending on their segmentation. Yes, you can segment your audience on various parameters. 

Powerful Drip Campaigns allow the system to send conditional emails & further define your audience. 

The powerful drip campaigns capabilities of Sell3x helps you create drip campaigns that can be wiser and stronger in terms of connecting with your audience. With each step you can add a different trigger that will separately launch a different campaign if you want. The if-else loop for these campaigns gives you power to endlessly automate your email marketing campaigns and define actions based on those emailers actions. Check an example screenshot from one of the Sell3x Drip Campaign.


Make notes for every lead to make it easy for you while followingup.


Sell 3X has the capaicity to track location of everylead basis on the their IP.


You can have detailed stats for your email marketing campaigns.

Educate your leads with your sequential email campaigns - Nurture your lead First, Sell Second.

Remember that you always need to convince your audience first. They must have some confidence about your brand and then only they can have some buying decision. 

  • Educate them with Why to Series, How to Series.
  • Provide them with values / freebies and more.
  • Help them understand you more.

After this you are ready to sell them. Have a look below on how email nurturing campaign works.

Just like above example, you can set series of nurturing email and can be more creative in approach. 

  • check
    Create Email lists and segment them. Your business can have several products or services and for each one you might want to have separate marketing campaigns and separate tracking. Segment them and your purpose is solved.
  • check
    Send them email based on their behaviour and actions. For example, a registered user downloads an ebook from your website. Sell3x platform will notify you and automatically send another email to the user and add some score to his profile.
  • check
    Track your results. You can track all of your campaigns and their ROI with the visual stats available in the dashboard. This will allow you to do further A/B testings for your campaigns.

Yes, Now it's Finally Time for the Big Reveal - “Sell3x”


The Service is the Perfect Resolution to your CRM and Marketing Automation Needs.

With Sell3x, you will be able to manage, track and score your leads. Further you will be able to create drip campaigns, Lead nurture campaigns and set auto replies. Using this platform you can also create and host your forms and landing pages all inside the Sell3x CRM.

See how the process of marketing automation works :

  • 1
    Lead Management: Manage your leads inside the CRM. Write notes for each leads. You can also import fresh leads and download existing leads.
  • 2
    Lead Scoring and Tracking: You can score your leads basis on the activity of marketing campaigns. Track your leads according to the stage allotted to the lead.
  • 3
    Lead Nurture: Automatic email marketing campaigns helps the lead to nurture and believes more on your brand and thus takes some buying action at a later stage.

See what our customers have to say:

"My conversion actually went upto 3 times..."

"I am an admission consultant working on MBBS Admissions Abroad. And I was literally spending a lot of money on lead generation campaigns but I realised that my leads are getting waste and I was not able to track their status after sometime and more leads got into the picture. But now that I have access to Sell3x, I am able to manage my leads properly, track their status and thus I am able to increase my conversion by 3 times. I love Sell3x."

Dr. Aman Arthor,

Edupedia Overseas

"Email marketing automation at it's best..."

"It's great to see that this not just a normal crm to manage your leads. With Sell3x, I was able to automate my email marketing campaigns. I was able able to create my email lists and launch various campaigns and drip marketing."

Navneet Mani

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Be it any plan, our support is there for you every time. We will help you understand the system and make it run according to your requirement. 

Start Your Free, No Risk, 14-Day Trial!

Your first 14 days are on us. This period will be enough for you to understand the product and take your final call.

P.S.: This is the launch offer which is going to end soon. Post the launch period. Prices will be heavily increased to a minimum base price of $500 per month. Avail the launch offer now which's better than to regret later. 

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