How I build my funnel to get 3X sales ?

Who doesn’t want 3x sales ? I know you want it. And I must tell you that you have landed on the right webpage and the thing you are going to learn today is pretty easy. If you do not know me, I prefer to give you a brief background of mine. I am a Digital marketing and growth hack consultant from India and the CEO & Co-founder of my Digital Marketing Agency, Editsoft Digital. Having this responsibility I generate leads for my business.

I am talking of one of my lead gen campaign. We offer content writing services to the client and I generate leads for the same using Google Ads (PPC). To me, lead generation is not a big task. It is as easy as having a Pizza (I Love Pizza 😋). But since, I am not a sales expert and I have my own pace of following up clients and having words with them and then taking the lead from prospect towards being a client. But in the entire process, I missed most of the leads either due to lead leakage, or due to late response to the leads. I primarily focused only on the hot leads that interacted with me and was able to respond to my calls or email. But often missed those who did not picked up my phone at 1/2 attempts and did not revert back easily. I did not chase them. But to be true, there are 70 % of leads who have similar criteria. They do not reply to calls or emails on the first few attempts and this leads to lead leakage and then getting lost.

If you have been into leadgen and sales then you can probably relate to what I am trying to say. This was a problem to and still a problem to many. BUT, I managed to escape out of the situation.

I built my own sales funnel for the content services leads and when I actually saw the result, it was mind blowing. Number of responses, conversations, email exchange grew 5-6 times than what it actually used to be. I had to actually lower the Adwords budget so to get lower amount of leads. This was because the higher response rate from the prospect leads. Now I would like to directly come to the point of how did I managed to escape the situation of lead leakage and leads follow.

I decided my customer life cycle and divided these into : Prospect, Interested, Hot, Half Win and Win. Any leads by default is counted as Prospect. These leads will now start getting emails based on their action with my lead form and further with my email replies. Based on different triggers and behaviour they will receive emails from my side automatically and if they respond to those emails or open those or click on links inside those emails, they will get certain score. On the basis of this, my leads automatically gets divided in their lifecycle stage. Some might shift to Interested and some might shift to Hot or so. Obviously I can also define my leads stage manually based on my interaction with the leads, but it is also happening with an automation process now. This lead scoring and lead staging would now allow me to decide which leads to be given more focus and time, rather than to kill my productivity and energy in all directions.

Checkout my drip email funnel on Content Services leads.

As soon as the lead is generated, it is sent a Thank you Email which asks the actual requirements from the lead. Now depending on my email is opened or not, another set of followup are sent automatically. You can also see that I also sent leads nurture emails to the lead every day if he as actually opened my first email. This sample drip campaign actually made my life simple and my business prospering.

PS: I am myself using Sell3x to create these funnels and enabling marketing automation for Editsoft Digital as a whole. You are most welcome to reach out to me [[email protected]] if you need any help with your leads funnels.